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une fenetre

Our small farm has historically grown numerous crops and has returned to its origins 9 years ago when Isa and Noël decided to settle here.

Today, 50 sheep peacefully graze our green pastures.


des agneaux

In addition, 
the farm is home to  chicken, rabbits and pigs that help to liven up the place…

...as well as the plates of our guests !!

des poules

Our farms’ activities may be shared with whoever may wish to.

Noël also grows organic vegetables. You can buy these vegetables and savor them at our table.
We also sell a packages of pre-cut lamb on reservation (1/2 lamb per package). 


Isabelle et Noël Denis  La bouretière 26350 St Christophe et le Laris
tel 334 75 45 75 38. 
E-mail :labouretiere@gmail.com .

Right in the center of la “Drôme des collines ” (the Drôme hills), 5 km away from Hauterives
Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval), Isa and Noël accomodate you in guest houses (hosts' table on reservation)
 in their traditional farm  (organic farming).